BLACK MIRROR (avaiable on Nomad

Luca Rossi 2019

Inside the Fondazione Prada in Venice, viewers are invited to twirl their mobile phones over the large black air conditioners that accompany the official exhibition tour. These large black monoliths look like inexorably switched-off black screens suggesting moments of pause and decompression.

Each of us is increasingly forced to become the surface of our screen; the information overload, of which we are both creators and victims, is conveyed through our screens. The viewer is invited to investigate what lies beyond our screen. The videos that the viewer can store on his or her mobile phone present a dystopia reality where the truth of things increasingly coincides with the way they are communicated. 


In the Italian contemporary art scene there is a figure of considerable interest. Luca Rossi–artist/ collective, critic, curator, and blogger–is a controversial personality who works in anonymity, as some kind of Anonymous of the Art System. In Luca Rossi’s philosophy, the ego no longer exists because anyone can be Luca Rossi, at the same time that the “critical process”, the virtual space of the Internet, and the real context no longer have boundaries and blend into one.

“Luca Rossi” was born in 2009 from the severe critical context that he himself triggered. “Evolved Ikea”, “Young Indiana Jones Syndrome”, “Smart-relativism”, “Grandparents and Parents Foundation”, are just some of the keywords around which Luca Rossi has been developing a daily critical work. Critical concepts that affect an entire generation of artists forced to confront a century as dense as the twentieth century. This critical work has allowed him to anticipate a fusion and confusion of roles that we can now see very well in a role that we could define as “spectauthor”. Luca Rossi’s unconventional projects arise from a manipulation of information that is treated exactly as if it were clay to be moulded, long before the concept of “fake news” became so important in the public debate. The nature of his works experiences a fibrillation between imagination, conventional object, direct experience and mediated experience.

Today individuals experience a sort of “non-experience” in the sense that they spend most of their time surfing the “network”, producing a “new memory-without memory” or a “passive and a-critical assimilation” into the system. Luca Rossi knows this well. He constantly reminds us of the history of art and ideas, of our past, of what it means to be critical and active, struggling to preserve one’s own authenticity and originality in the great McDonald that is our contemporary world.

Many curators and artists, both in Italy and Europe, have been following Luca’s work with great excitement. By now Luca is considered the only critical voice that “stands out” in the current Italian landscape.

It is worrisome that Luca’s work has yet to be recognized by institutions and organizations, despite receiving the acknowledgement of the public and many curators and artists. This says a lot about what the value that the Italian system places on the “real artist”. The Italian contemporary landscape has been dragging itself down for more than 10 years, producing artists who “copy and paste”, endless repetitions of projects signed by the same names, and decreeing the end of contemporary art.

RAJIM (avaiable on Nomad

Luca Rossi 2015

A PDF document allows you to find a work of art hidden inside the Biennale Gardens. Contemporary man seems to be suffocated and anesthetized by an overload of content of which he is the victim and the creator. Also in this case the public can become an active part of the project.

Senanque Abbey Project (avaiable on Nomad

Luca Rossi, 2013.

An action aimed at reconstructing meaning and significance inside the Senanque Abbey in France. Obsessively photographing an empty case triggers a process capable of reacting to what can be considered a “religious Walt Disney”. East and West meet unexpectedly.

THERMAL REFUGE (available on Nomad

Luca Rossi 2016

A wellness center converted from a former WWII bomb shelter. A place where East, West and local reality meet. Reading a short text is capable of overturning a dominant conception. A unique experience.

NOTTURNO (avaiable on Nomad

Luca Rossi 2021

The common person, Mr. Rossi, has the opportunity to reactivate sense and meaning through his mobile phone. In the historic center of Bologna a sort of “positive attack” capable of creating a magical experience.