Senanque Abbey Project (avaiable on Nomad Luca Rossi, 2013. An action aimed at reconstructing meaning and significance inside the Senanque Abbey in France. Obsessively photographing an empty case triggers a process capable of reacting to what can be considered a “religious Walt Disney”. East and West meet unexpectedly.
RAJIM (avaiable on Nomad Luca Rossi 2015 A PDF document allows you to find a work of art hidden inside the Biennale Gardens. Contemporary man seems to be suffocated and anesthetized by an overload of content of which he is the victim and the creator. Also in this case the public can become an active part of the project.
THERMAL REFUGE (available on Nomad Luca Rossi 2016 A wellness center converted from a former WWII bomb shelter. A place where East, West and local reality meet. Reading a short text is capable of overturning a dominant conception. A unique experience.
7800 (avaiable on Nomad Luca Rossi 2018 A large collective action within the Trentino woods is communicated only through a video of documentation released via the internet only in the area where the action is taking place. The project, in addition to addressing some fundamental issues for our near future, places the viewer in a position to re-evaluate their real experience in relation to their life in the digital world.
BLACK MIRROR (avaiable on Nomad Luca Rossi 2019 Within the Fondazione Prada in Venice, a change of perspective is suggested in which the spectator can have an active part. Gilles Deleuze used to say that today we don’t need to express ourselves, we do it too much; we need moments of solitude and silence to say
NOTTURNO (avaiable on Nomad Luca Rossi 2021 The common person, Mr. Rossi, has the opportunity to reactivate sense and meaning through his mobile phone. In the historic center of Bologna a sort of “positive attack” capable of creating a magical experience.