Waiting For Documenta 15

Luca Rossi

NOMAD MUSEUM HEADQUARTER, city psychiatric asylum 1772-1996, Luca Rossi 2021

After 12 years, in 2021, the “Nomad Museum” is born: a project by Luca Rossi that synthesises a new nature of the contemporary art museum and consequently of the definitions of artwork and artist. The symbolic location of this museum is the site of a psychiatric asylum that was in operation from 1772 to 1996. The now sealed and inaccessible site of the asylum perfectly represents the idea of a museum that can and does happen anywhere in the world.

DoCUMENTA 15 RuanGrupa >Can an art exhibition change the world?

Documenta 15, to be held in Kassel in June 2022, states that it wants to reflect on the redistribution of resources. 

Nomad Museum’s first unseen work was HoME (Houseum of Modern Ert), a dysfunctional house-museum; a hut where twentieth-century irrigation technology makes the house impractical. But is the hydraulic system there to provide water or to defend against a sudden rise in water?

The HoME project introduces a second project that will be realised in June 2022 on the occasion of Documenta 15 in Kassel. On this page you can fill out a form to stay updated on this second project.

This HoME “living sculpture”, located in an unspecified place in Italy, is linked to the possibility of personalising an art piece by choosing three modern and contemporary artists to meet in the same work. The project is born from a form of ecology so the art piece are only made on request and using materials we can already find at home and recycled.

Any change (socio-political or related to the ecology of the planet) can only pass through the private dimension of the individual. Only contemporary art has the capacity to make us train ‘new eyes’ and make the best choices for ourselves as a result of the planet. Our private choice is worth 10-20 times that of a head of state.

The global policies with which Documenta 15 wants to relate can only adopt choices of buoyancy and never of real change. This is because, firstly, there are global constraints that do not allow individual states any possibility of effective action, and secondly because modern states can only adopt short-term policies necessary for purely electoral reasons.

On the occasion of Documenta 15, in June 2022, Luca Rossi will carry out a project on German territory but which can be followed worldwide.

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Luca Rossi is an independent author for which anyone can be “Luca Rossi”. In this way everyone is stimulated to a new sense of opportunity and responsibility. Luca Rossi started the blog Whitehouse as a platform for art criticism, information, and art-related projects in 2009. A better synthesis of the blog could be found on : www.lucarossilab.it. Major representatives of the art world have participated in the blog, contributing to its popularity. Luca Rossi has written in social networks and specialized magazines like “Flash Art”, Artribune.com, and Exibart.com with lucid criticism and originality.

Luca Rossi was defined “the most interesting personality” in Italy by Fabio Cavallucci, and “the new Vanessa Beecroft” by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio. In 2011 Alfredo Cramerotti (curator of “Manifesta” and Museum Director Mostyn, Wales) wrote: “To be honest, I’m not Roberta (a 2011 project by Luca Rossi) made me think more than dozens of other projects I have seen “live”.