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pdf document, little sculpture inside Venice Biennale Gardens, Luca Rossi 2017. 

“RAJM” in Arabic means “stoning”. The stones of this “stoning” today are the information, the thousands of contents of which we are producers and consumers. The small statue inside the Biennale Gardens in Venice represents a child without vocal cords, arms and legs. Each visitor can load the sculpture with a stone.

If you think about it, the fundamental issues of our time (coronavirus, politics, immigration, climate change, etc.) are played on communication and not in parliaments, at sea or in the international forums. Greta Thunberg, for example, was successful not because of the issues she raised (they are things we have known for years) but because of the “creative” way she did it. Greta looks almost like a work of art; I remember the boy playing the tambourine of Maurizio Cattelan, who finally grew up and fell off the ledge.

In this “information stoning” what is true? Is there really freedom of expression?

We are driven to communicate because if we are not good “social media managers” we risk not existing. “I Post I exist”.

But at the same time we talk in a room with 100 other people at the same time, so our freedom of expression is equivalent to a dictatorship in which we cannot express ourselves. And even if we understood something, inside this room, it would be something that the internet algorithm has selected for us, according to “what we like”. So even if we understand something we understand something that we already believed before “true”. We live on social media and no longer go down into the squares. Here this child cannot move, cannot express himself and cannot do anything. Each visitor is invited to contribute symbolically to this stoning or to enjoy the project only in its photographic documentation.


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