INFLUENCED (The Pain Of Young Mr. Rossi)   


an art project WHEREVER YOU ARE


“The problem is no longer finding a way for people to express themselves: they do too much. It is rather to provide them with interspersions of solitude and silence where they will finally find something “real” to say ” Gilles Deleuze

“If I imagine, I see. What else do I do if I travel? Only the extreme weakness of the imagination justifies that one must move to feel” Fernando Pessoa



An art project that you can live reading a pdf document. Because art, like life, is above all a state of mind. It is said that the Jewish people when he had to run away from their land in an emergency condition, was forced to move from the logic of the “monument” to that one of “document”.


The Art Project  is accessible by reading a PDF document that will be the “track” and the basic guide to visit the exhibition.

You can live the art project by reading the PDF document exclusively or by discovering a HIDDEN ARTWORK inside Biennale Gardens.

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More information: / Curated by Kari Altmann / Project Coordination Enrico Morsiani