Louvre Abu Dhabi 

Where you want, when you want Luca Rossi 

3th novembre 2017 > an indefinite time

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Four Seconds Sculpture, by the tips of left hand fingers

various material, 2017.


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TEXT > The audience doesn’t exist anymore: where you want, when you want  


2017 is, according to the New York Times, the best year in human history. Never, as in the contemporary age, all over the world, there are signs of well-being and democracy so high. While modern states only carry floating policies, the only political space for a change (if we really need it) is our private, micro and local dimension.

The problem is no longer express ourself, we do it too much. The artist, commonly defined, must inevitably take a step backwards. On the other hand, the public no longer exists: in selfie there is a significant coincidence of artwork, author and (first) spectator.

Francesco Bonami said, “If the viewer makes a selfie with the artwork, that work has value.”

Really the “museum” is “where you want and whenever you want. The art piece you see is installed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi but it’s not in Abu Dhabi, but it’s always where you are and when you want. The art piece only lives in your private, lonely and silent dimension.

At the moment we look at this art piece, we are forced into a “nomadic motionless”: art piece and spectator are “very fast” because always in the same place and at the same time. And at the same time “motionless”.

It is possible to store and collect the memory of a moment. We are full of objects, I am tired of objects. Exposing objects in 2017 implies that the artist takes important responsibilities that are usually not met.  (Luca Rossi)

The sculpture that you see in your private dimension is born from the tips fingers of left hand. There has never been such a thing in the art history. Like painting on the cave, by the tactile mouse of Apple. The nature of contemporaneity lives a fibrillation between object, direct experience, imagination and mediated experience.


Sun Floor Paintings

sunlights, a place, 2017.








 If You Don’t Understand Something Search For It On YouTube

various material, 2017.


If You Don’t Understand Something Search For It On YouTube. Search on YouTube for “IMG 3733”. The installation will open up many unexpected and subtly poetic micro-universes. A fragmentation and fluidity that contain the complex nature of our contemporaneity.

IMG 3733 It is the consequential title that is attributed to videos that are uploaded to YouTube without a specific title. The art piece, installed on the Louvre Abu Dhabi, represents an antibody to the algorithm that we would always like to present things “we like” and conformed to our taste.

The dictatorship of “I like” is likely to make us simply grow by fat without real growing. The philosopher Byung-Chul tells us that man can grow up with the encounter of the Other and the Different.



If You Don’t Understand Something Search For It on YouTube
3D letters 50x50x10 cm, black Castelli ceramic (Abruzzo, Italy), 2014


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