A Hidden Artwork inside MAAT Museum 


Luca Rossi was defined “the most interesting personality” in Italy by Fabio Cavallucci, Director of Museo Pecci in Prato (Exibart.com, 2010), and “the new Vanessa Beecroft” by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Director of GAMeC Museum (Artribune.com, 2013). In 2011 Alfredo Cramerotti (curator of “Manifesta” and Museum Director Mostyn, Wales) wrote: “To be honest, I’m not Roberta (a 2011 project by Luca Rossi) made me think more than dozens of other projects I have seen “live”. 


The MAAT Art Project  is accessible by reading a PDF document that will be the “track” and the basic guide to find the artwork inside the MAAT Museum.  The PDF document is sufficient to enjoy the project without necessarily going to the MAAT Museum.

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More information: lucarossicampus@gmail.com / Curated by Kari Altmann / Project Coordination Enrico Morsiani