With the tips of left hand fingers 

various material, Tate Modern 2015.


From the walls of the caverns to the tactile mouse of Apple, artwork, author and spectator are always in the same space and at the same time. An “art ecology” where the resources employed are close to zero and where the spectator is forced into a “motionless nomadism”. The artwork is always installed in our private dimension, the only political space that still has a margin for change.









garbage bin, intermittent light, MAAT 2017.


What happens if Malevic’s famous painting becomes three-dimensional? The black square on a white background in 1915 wanted to question both the objects as  painting forms. The end was to return to a “pure artistic sensibility” disconnected from fetish objects and any kind of pictorial figuration. Malevic’s three-dimensional artwork becomes a junk bin and near it there is an intermittent light that seems to question the retention or elimination of the objects the viewer decides to throw away. Jenny Holzer said “protect me from what I want”, in this case we can say: “we re-evaluate what we decide to throw.” Just today when an algorithm tends to get fatigued only with things and information that we like. A “LIKE dictatorship” that is likely to break us down and make us lose any critical sense to reality.





Now all around you 

various material, Prada Foundation 2016.












Thermal Refuge

PDF document (three suggestions, one text), Helvetia Wellness Center and Spa 2016.

Buy now the PDF document: http://lucarossilab.it/2017/07/27/1454/


The Jewish people when forced to flee from an emergency situation was forced to move from the logic of the “Monument”, as a permanent installation, to the logic of the “Document”, as a resilient device. Purchasing the Thermal Refuge PDF document allows you to live an unique experience in a Spa and Wellness center obtained from a World War II anti-aircraft shelter. It is a hybrid and dense place of meaning, which at the same time represents the achieved freedom and the effort to reach it. The refuge, placed in a strategic geopolitical place far from global tensions, is above all a space of decompression where reconsidering the contemporary globalized world. A place where you meet western, east, and local culture, respectively by sauna, hamman and thermal water of Porretta Terme.





If you don’t understand something search for it on YouTube

wooden letters, 15×2 meters, Smach 2017 (fotocrediti: Gustav Willeit – guworld.com)


The title allows to bring sculpture, as a permanent, rigid and incomprehensible installation, to a more “fluid dimension” that retains the sense of our time. Everywhere thousands of people upload videos on YouTube without giving them a specific title. For this reason, the smartphone attributes a consequent title such as “IMG 3733”. The artwork opens to so many unexpected and subtly poetic micro-universes. The work provides a criterion for ordering chaos and, at the same time, represents an antibody against the algorithm that would always propose things and information equal to ourselves.





The Pain of Young Mr. Rossi (an hidden artwork wherever you are)

PDF document , Venice Biennale 2017.

Buy now the PDF document or make a free donation: http://lucarossilab.it/venice-biennale-2017/

Again, as inThermal Refuge, a PDF document allows you to experience a unique artwork within the Gardens of the Venice Biennale. In this case you don’t have to go to Venice, the document is a necessary and sufficient condition to see the artwork. The artwork you will see, accompanied by a text, has a universal value over our contemporary condition and, at the same time, involves the biography of “Luca Rossi”.