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dust and saliva on the screen, various material, 2009.


The text has been translated from Italian into English with Google Translate. In so doing, the text deliberately maintains a level of approximation and imperfection that allows a more engaged, interactive, and open reading of the artwork and intentions. 

You want yet another work of art? Yet another object? What are people searching for when they come into a show? Poetry, emotions, meanings? In the 50 ‘Yves Klein he said that life is the absolute art.

In this case the work of art, designed in an elementary way in one of the most famous galleries, night, establishes an intimate relationship with the viewer. What does it mean? We will have to say “how” mean? Even in life it is not so much “what” we do but “how” we do it that counts. In this “how to” work and spectator are immobile but at the same time very fast; for they are always in the same place and at the same time. A kind of nomadism fast but still. This coincidence between work and viewer, is acting in the size, micro, local and private of each of us. That is still the only viable political space, where a decision can be worth 10-20 times the decision of a politician or a head of state.

I do relegate the work of art to the private dimension of the viewer. By cutting out the time of the exhibition as “amusement park for adults” or excuse to make a different drink than usual. The works drawn in space are a kind of black hole that sucked the whole process that goes from power the lights in the studio until the last spectator leaves the museum. A real tragedy for the curator of contemporary art