If you don’t understand a thing look it up on You Tube 

3D letters, various material, 2016.



Cy Twombly: (silence)

“People doesn’t want to be the audience, nor the student, wants to get into the thing, they feel that there are already inside.”

“If I imagine, I see. What else do I do if I travel? Only the extreme weakness of the imagination justifies that one must move to feel”

Fernando Pessoa

“Rather than suffering or resist it by inertia, global capitalism seems to have made own flows, speed, nomadism? So we have to be even more mobile. Do not force us, and force us to greet the stagnation as an ideal. Is the world imaginary dominated by flexibility? We invent new meanings for it, inoculate the long term and the extreme slowness in the heart of the speed rather than oppose it rigid and nostalgic postures. The strength of this style of thought lies in operational protocols: to develop a nomadic thought that organizes itself in terms of circuits and experiments, and no permanent installation. We have to oppose to the precarious experience a resolutely precarious thought that fits and infiltrates in the same networks that suffocate us.”

Nicolas Bourriaud


Se ci pensate la ragazza con il palloncino di Banksy rappresenta l’ennesimo contenuto standard che potremo postare per strappare qualche LIKE. Anche se Banksy è fortemente legato all’arte anni ’90 e potrebbe essere considerato un nipotino di Andy Warhol, il disinteresse per il contenuto è tipico della fase storica che stiamo vivendo. Progetti come Google, Facebook, Amazon o Apple sono disinteressati ai contenuti: ad Amazon non interessa cosa compriamo, a Google non interessa cosa cerchiamo e così via. Il loro interesse è nel creare un sistema per ordinare e gestire i contenuti. 

During these years, every project concerns the issue of “distance” and “speed”. In particular, the distance management and a new definition of speed. Artwork, author and viewer are immobile but at the same time very fast. And this always in the same space and time: now and where we are. The museum is always where we are, but this place is also a laboratory. This place is also the only universe that we must explore. The only political space left.

La nostra dimensione privata è il vero museo. L’opera d’arte vive una fibrillazione tra oggetto, esperienza diretta, esperienza mediata e immaginazione. Potete fare esperienza dell’opera sulla Luna anche rimanendo immobili dove siete, esattamente come fate esperienza di quello che leggete su i giornali ogni giorno. Seguire il suggerimento del titolo significa raggiungere tanti micro universi che ogni ora, ogni giorno, saranno diversi. 

The piece does not pretend to offer yet another content, but provides a policy to manage the enormous overproduction of content to which we are subjected. This is the problem of the contemporary world. As if 10,000 packages arrived at home .

Viviamo sempre come se ci arrivassero a casa 10.000 pacchi di Amazon. Forse inizieremo ad aprire quello più vicino, o forse quello più grande. Probabilmente non avremo il tempo di godere di nessun contenuto. Il punto non sarebbe l’ennesimo contenuto, l’ennesima opera d’arte, ma una modalità per gestire i 10.000 pacchi. Non abbiamo tempo e ci sono troppi pachi da aprire. Per questo motivo il prezzo è il modo più veloce per giudicare un’opera anche se il soggetto è di una banalità sconcertante e può essere riprodotto da chiunque senza problemi (la ragazza con il palloncino). 

We can not see them all, we open those closest, who brings us the friend or that the brand we know bring us. This does not give us the time to enjoy the content and to make the differences between the contents themselves. We imagine that really 10,000 packages to open come to the our house at the same time…the problem would not be yet another package, yet another artwork, but finding a way to manage those packages. The art piece on the Moon minimizes the contemplation and entertainment component. 

Today, unlike a few years ago not only we are all consumers but we are all “content producers”. Just think of the social networks, the myriad of opinions, the myriad of projects. Today we are all photographers, we are all “Luigi Ghirri” with Instagram. No coincidence that the latest start-ups tend to handle contents, and do not enter into the merits of the content.

Siamo tutti produttori e consumatoridi contenuti, che quindi si contrastano a vicenda. Non ci potrà mai essere una Cappella Sistina contemporanea, perchè ognuno oggi ha la sua e la può condividere contemporaneamente ad altri milioni di persone. 

There are no value-scales to judge the content, although in reality we do value choices every second, starting from the morning when we decide to put the first foot on the land. We can truly say that the first foot on the ground (when we go down from the bed in the morning) corresponded to the first foot on the moon, or in our real universe.

L’opera sulla luna rappresenta anche un anticorpo all’algoritmo che vorrebbe nutrirci solo con cose uguali a noi stessi e che ci piacciono. Un antidoto alla Dittatura del Mi Piace. Video con pochissime visualizzazioni e che rappresentano momenti ordinari e sottilmente poetici. Se ci pensate la nostra vita è fatta di tanti momenti ordinari. 


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The First Art Piece On The Moon

Luca Rossi

(Huffington Post)


The text has been translated from Italian into English with Google Translate. In so doing, the text deliberately maintains a level of approximation and imperfection that allows a more engaged, interactive, and open reading of the artwork and intentions. 

The renovated museum Pecci inaugurates new office in September and is preparing a supermostra on the theme of “End of the World”. The Director Fabio Cavallucci wrote an engaging introduction to the exhibition, which makes clear the magnitude of the universe, the presence of abyssal distances that cause vertigo if you imagine. Usually we leave the house with a visit to an exhibition, and will do so even visitors Pecci Museum. Viewers enter the room of the exhibition are always looking for something, just as the astronaut is launched into space in search of something. But what are we looking for?

I want to present a work that has been installed on the Moon. It has never happened something like that, also through a Google Adwords campaign, all those who in the world will look on the internet the word “moon” or the word “moon” will view this work as the first result. It will not go to the moon physically, the artwork lives only in its documentation. We must not offend, this thing already happens: we know that the Earth is round through documentation of where other people have had experience; we know the distances between the planets in the Universe for data and surveys experienced and verified by others. But also the important part of what we have learned in our life remains in a “documentation” stage, as well as news reports that every day there are disclosed from all over the world. Usually we have to trust, we take for granted the truth of these facts, we try to mediate between multiple documents and then imagine what was the “facts.” For the work of art that I present today this thing is not worth the work is only present in the place where you find yourself looking at the documentation. Ie in your private dimensions, perhaps the silence of your home, office or on your tablet during the lapping staid a relaxing bath. I always saw space travel as an escape from themselves, as if the astronaut left the human condition on Earth and departed to try something new and different from their ownThis artwork is installed on the moon to tell us that the only space to explore, the real universe, is what we have now, right now, all around us. In the routine, boredom, in the same day, between desires and broken relationships. That is the real condition that we do not know and we do not fathom, what is the universe that makes us fear and elsewhere from which we prefer to run away, and do not look, at least until we will not be forced to “see.”

If you do not understand the work that you see installed on the moon, you are invited entitled to seek that signature on You Tube. You will find a surprise, many micro universes, apparently marginal but with a strong poetic value. At the bottom of our existence is made mostly of so many ordinary and repetitive situations, and not by extraordinary events. And it is on the ordinary everyday things you need to have other eyes, to grasp the magic. This work, without having to move from where you are, will bring in an ever expanding universe that will change and evolve every day when you will try to look for that signature on YouTube.