Month: August 2016

Gagosian project

    Gagosian project New York, 2009.   The text has been translated from Italian into English with Google Translate. In so doing, the text deliberately maintains a level of approximation and imperfection that allows a more engaged, interactive, and open reading of the artwork and intentions.  You want yet another work of art? Yet another object? What are people searching for when they come into a show? Poetry, emotions, meanings? In the 50 ‘Yves Klein he said that life is the absolute art. In this case the work of art, designed in an elementary way in one of...

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Venice Biennale

installation view: …plays… sun light, a place, 2015.   potrait iron, cement, 2015.     All all where you are jackets fished from the sea, screen, various materials, 2015.               the spots on your display spots, various materials, 2015.             If you don’t understand a thing look it up on You Tube 3d letters, various materials,...

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I’m not Roberta

I’m not Roberta     images selection, a prayer, text.     Whithey Museum and different venues, 2010.         Alfredo Cramerotti Review       I thought about an everyday prayer so that something who could destabilize the cliché of the Whitney Biennial would happen and say something significant about the focus on United States that this event traditionally presents. Before starting to pray every day I intervened (02-14-10) on the “dead zone” which separates the prisoners’ cells in Guantanamo from the external boundary wall. This intervention had no defined time and space connotations. It was...

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